Training happening elsewhere in New Zealand

When Rosemary first attended CGS training in Dunedin it was really hard to find training in New Zealand. Then we brought it to Hamilton and it got a little easier. And now it’s very exciting to see that there are several options available this year (some totally unrelated to us).

If you are interested in the spiritual welfare of children (as we all should be!), do prayerfully discern whether one of the following options is doable for you.

Dunedin: 29th June to Monday 3rd July 2017. (NB This is Level II, so only available to those who have done Level I already.) (Ask us for contact info for this one.)
Tauranga – Level I Part I (3-6 year) – Tuesday 4th July to Saturday 8th July 2017. Contact Anne Muir (Guthrie) for more info (0277844575 or
***AMAZINGLY this being fully funded by the parish, so a perfect opportunity to get some CGS training for those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it.***
Auckland Level I Part II – Monday 10th to Friday 14th July (at Catholic Discipleship College) – accommodation available on site – contact Cheryl Surrey for more info (0220844165 or
Sign up form here.
These trainings will all be facilitated by Carol Roth (who has been coming to Hamilton). The Auckland one is also likely to have a Kiwi helping, who is planning on becoming a trainer once she has completed Level III – very exciting, but nothing is official yet, so please pray – it would be a great boon to CGS in New Zealand!
Christchurch – Level 1 Pt 1 Tuesday 18th April to Friday 21st April 2017- 4.30pm to 8.00 pm.
Level 1 Pt 2 Monday 17th July 2017 to Friday 21st July 2017- 4.30pm to 8.00 pm. This is taking place at Sancta Maria Montessori preschool, so contact them, or email us and we can forward you the info they’ve emailed us.
The Christchurch training will be facilitated by Liz Greville, who has worked with CGS in her Anglican parish in Masterton for some years.

Information morning and/or training


The Preparation of the Chalice.

On Monday 30 January (Auckland Anniversary Day), training for the 3-6 atrium will begin again.

The morning will be an open session, free of cost, to anyone who would like an introduction to Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

Date: Monday 30 January 2017

Time: 9.30 (after Mass) – approx 12.30

Place: The Atrium, St Pius X Catholic Church, 57 Pine Avenue (room above the foyer)

RSVP (by Jan 23 2017): 0276999451,, or fill in the form below

If you would like to attend all of the 3-6 training or have completed 3-6 and are ready for 6-9, see this page for more information:

Level I Part I training

Anniversary Day for us CGSers was no day off. Instead we attended Day 1 (of 5) of Level I Part I training. Level I means for the 3-6 age group and Part I means the first part of two parts of training for that age group.

5 catechists-to-be from St Pius attended, plus an occasional sit-in, and we had 1 from the atrium at St Mary’s School in Tauranga, 3 from Little Sweethearts Montessori preschool in Tauranga, a lecturer from Good Shepherd College, someone from the sacramental programme at the parish in Papakura, and another mum some of us know from our Montessori school who will unfortunately be returning to the US in a few weeks, but will take her new knowledge with her.

We were extremely lucky to be able to use the hall/function room at the school attached to our church, so we had airconditioning and a kitchen and a toilet, and a short walk down the driveway from the church after Mass, and back to the church to use the atrium.

It was a very full on week. Some of us had to semi take care of children while missing as little as possible, or take a tired pregnant body home for a nap at lunchtime, and the Tauranga trainees drove to Hamilton and back every day. Because there were a lot of physical presentations of works, we had to take things back and forth from the atrium, depending on where we were seeing the presentations. There were lectures too, and morning teas and lunches full of chatter (what a surprise!).

We all learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each other better. And we decided that we will need in invest in a fan for the atrium because it is sweltering at this time of year, with just one tiny window that opens and a huge one that doesn’t and gets all the afternoon sun.

Carol the trainer was extremely well prepared – I think about 3/4 of her luggage was atrium stuff. She also brought us a few presents, like Good Shepherd statues and snuffers and white cloths, plus tracing packets and Scripture booklets (we were a little confused about those!), and some info on the 6-9 programme so we can also make a start with our older children.

All in all, a thoroughly satisfactory week, challenging though it was. We are, however, glad to be able to not have to worry about organising that anymore, so we can focus on getting the atrium ready in the next few weeks. We’ve realised we need to organise a few more things before we can actually start sessions, so have taken the pressure of a tiny bit, but it won’t be long! And since we all want to cater for older children too, we will be doing a group organisation of the next lot of training… so watch this space for details when we have them.

The youngest trainee, who mostly behaved appropriately, but didn't  pay all that much attention.

The youngest trainee, who mostly behaved appropriately, but didn’t pay all that much attention.